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: How then shall we live?

Five Hours assumes that Christian people understand the simple things, and are already walking them out. The Wheel of Life is my picture of how that balance looks for us as individuals. We need every part of the wheel.

The healthy Five Hours community encourages these for the individual, and values a few key things for the community:

We need every part of the body. We need the fivefold ministry in leadership (prophet, teacher, pastor, evangelist, apostle, from Eph 4:11 and we need all the gifts (Romans 12, 1 Cor 12). We need a love-filled Christian community. A vineyard pastor named Peter Fitch expresses this beautifully, describing it as a "swirling vortex of creativity and love":
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Creating a culture of love
Five Hours
The church: a community led by the fivefold ministry
The family: The building block of the community
Marriage is a battle that God's people need to fight for.
Children must be treasured,
and they need to learn love and respect as a way of life.
Healthy teenagers are expensive to make, and worth ten times the investment.
Dating needs to be treated carefully - it can beautify or ruin your life.
Devotion: it's what you do when you're in love
Truth, comfort, hope, conviction, encouragement, revelation. We desperately need these, and the written word is the best way to receive the Living word from the Father.
Work: the thread that unites mankind
The word: the best way to stay close to God's heart
We come often to our Father with words of thanks and awe, we pour out our hearts and express our desperate needs,
we sing songs of adoration to the Faithful One.
For most Christians, your highest calling is not in your employment.
But work is good for us, keeps us honest and connected.
It is not really sacred, and it is not ungodly. It's just reality.
If your work is your ministry, then you're probably giving 50 hours a week already. But for most of us, it isn't, and the fun work of the kingdom happens "after hours".