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In many ways, Christians want to know what's expected of followers of Jesus.
So the church has made it pretty clear: give 10% of your money, attend a service every week, have daily prayer/bible time, and help out at the church. But what about ministry? This is the goal of Five Hours - to set a guideline for service to God.

Also in many ways, the church wants to know that everything is allright, and they don't have to worry about it. They want to hear that Christianity is just a matter of avoiding gross sin, believing in Jesus, and maybe the occasional fun outreach.

This makes me ask:
What Motivates People to Do Good Things in this world? and then
the question for the church
: How do we motivate our friends to invest in God's kingdom?
: how do we motivate?
Five Hours
• Seeing a need (easy to see in 3rd world countries and with the very poor)
• Feeling needed (it's always nice...)
• Sensing a calling
• Good teaching (it works for tithing...)
• Community momentum - can be positive peer-pressure
•or just being part of a culture that does these things
• Desire/passion (and the more involved you are, the more passion grows)
• Justice - for some, especially prophetic people, this is a powerful driving force
• Just hungry for God, truth, love, and purpose (the disciples were like this)

Godly Motivators
• Charismatic leaders
• Ego
• Money
• Power
• Self-righteousness
• Fame
• Basic pleasure
Worldly Motivators
A good leader is not measured by how well he fulfills his calling, but how well he motivates others to fulfill theirs