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Five Hours a week - it's what I believe God has called all followers of Jesus to give.

Five hours a week is enough to demonstrate the love of Jesus
Five hours can make a change in our community
Five hours will help God's children, as we support each other.
Five hours will bless those who don't know God's love
Five hours, given regularly, will put Jesus' followers in the game
Five hours will help to rediscover the purpose of the church
Five hours will help the World see God's love
With many giving five hours, you don't need fundraising to do God's work
Five hours is a fairly easy balance of work, rest, family and ministry
Five hours is less than 5% of your waking hours in the week, and less than 1/3 of your free time
(unless you have young children, then you have no free time, and you have a full time ministry already).

What does it look like? Mentoring youth. Helping older people. Bringing a bible study to people who can't or won't come to church. Having dinner with the neighbors. Tutoring students. Leading a worship time somewhere. Hosting an exchange student. Teaching sunday school. Praying for people at Pismo Pier. Helping women who are dealing with a crisis pregnancy. Giving food to the poor. It is anything done prayerfully, with diligence and love, with a goal of sharing the great love of Jesus in any way possible. It works for children and students and parents and retirees.

Five Hours is not a book, and not a blog, but a tool. It is a suggestion of how we might live. It's a reminder for us to embrace our calling as children of the King.
What is
Five Hours