Five Hours is the response to seven observations of mine:
1. Jesus is powerful, and the church is called to be powerful, and the agent of God's glory and love on the earth.
2. Most church services look like a college classroom, communicating information from teacher to students. But recognize that we have the fantastic written Word of God, and most of us are literate. Consider also Hebrews 8:11. Maybe the teaching part of our gatherings should be more like a coach at halftime - quick words of inspiration and focus, so the trained can get out and get it done.
3. Most churches are organized like a corporation, with a mission statement, CEO, and non-voting stockholders. Paid staff do most of the work. But we are a nation of priests (1Peter 2:9), and all of us are called to do the work.
4. Most followers of Jesus do not feel like they are part of the team, and don't feel that the victory or defeat depends on them. Also, many gifted, compassionate, visionary, loving people do not feel that they have an outlet for their gifts.
5. Many young disciples sense God's call, and give themselves generously to 6 months or a year on the mission field. Many of them come back home and have to get a regular job, maybe finish school, possibly get married and settle down. Five Hours might be a way to help them integrate their passion for serving God with the balance of life, work and family, and raising children who understand regular work in the Lord.
6. The question is not "has God called me to serve", but where should I apply myself. Looking over the cities in my area (Santa Maria, Nipomo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach), I was struck by the millions of needs that could be met by the lovers of Jesus. We don't have to find the perfect ministry, we just need to begin to do something.
7. We need the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to live a real New Covenant life (1 Cor 2:4, Acts 1:8). This was the constant demonstration of Jesus' ministry, but in many of our churches we do not have this expectation.

With the power of the Holy Spirit, an active army of loving servants, and a simple interpretation of God's call, we will begin to see His Kingdom come on the Earth even as in Heaven. Such a mindset could reshape a life, a family, even a church.

For my part, I am just a Christian named Grant who designs Turbines for a living, loves his family, and knows that the only good thing in this world is the Love of God, and that is usually expressed through relationships with others.

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